SWAP Levels (from the most common NFT level to the rarest NFT level):

1 Amber > 2 Onyx > 3 Pearl > 4 Bronze > 5 Bronze Special > 6 Silver > 7 Silver Special > 8 Gold > 9 Gold Special > 10 Emerald > 11 Ruby > 12 Sapphire > 13 Diamond >14 Diamond Epic > 15 Diamond Legendary



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Arsenal's Sapphire Collection

Artikelnummer: SAPPHIRE_RND
inkl. MwSt.
  • Featuring thrilling game-changing moments from Arsenal's 2020/21 season. These are beautifully designed image NFTs that also contains an exclusive video using the images from the game-changing moments of the 2020/21 season.

    There are 8 different NFTs featuring Arsenal's superstars in the collection with 50 minted cards each. Each sapphire pack contains 4 Sapphire NFTs.

    Only 88 packs are available, so be sure to get your pack so you don't miss out on the limited amount of sapphire packs.